Newsletter September 2023

Hi everyone,

Autumn is approaching and it is time to inform you about what is going on in the area and what the board has been working on since the annual meeting.
We will go into all the details shortly, but first we would like to inform you that these information letters will not be sent out in your postboxes in the future, but you will read about everything on our website (both in Swedish and in English) and then a letter will be set up in each gate for those who do not have access to a computer or smartphone. This is to make the communication easier in the future and to reduce paper handling. If you really want a paper copy, you are welcome to contact us.

You can also follow our Facebook group: Brf Flygaren1 information, to see what is happening in the area and be notified when there is new information.

To return to the letter. You will probably find that this letter is written in a harsher tone than usual. It is because we on the board want to be as transparent as possible, but also so that you who live here understand the seriousness of some of the points in this letter. We will not embellish the picture of what is going on, but the facts we have will apply.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the board, enjoy reading.

The board

The project ”Nya Flygaren”

Many are wondering about the progress of starting the project ”Nya Flygaren.” We have started to look into various companies that can lead the project, but it hasn’t been a priority for the board due to financial reasons, damages in the area, procurement processes with new suppliers/contracts, and many daily matters that have urgently come up.

Most likely, we will need a new meeting to discuss ”Nya Flygaren” because of the current financial situation (inflation, interest rate increases, etc.) since it is not economically viable to proceed as previously decided.

More information about ”Nya Flygaren” will be sent separately once we have a proposal for a plan.

Green areas around the low-rise buildings – remnants from previous projects

Many have probably noticed that bushes have been planted around certain green areas adjacent to the low-rise buildings, and that asphalt and benches have been removed around other low-rise buildings. This is a remnant from when the low-rise buildings were to be renovated, and the green areas around them were to be improved. However, it has been revealed that the right of use for these green areas has not been correctly determined and must, therefore, be determined and a agreement must be written between the resident and the association.

Previously, this issue was part of the extra meeting held for ”Nya Flygaren” on April 25, 2019, but the minutes do not specify what was discussed regarding the right of use and what agreements were reached between the residents of the low-rise buildings and the association. More information about this will come.



We have a loan of 40 million Swedish kronor, and its fixed term has just expired. Our previous interest rate was 0.56%, and you can probably understand that unfortunately, we cannot negotiate a similar rate now as the policy rate currently stands at 3.75%. So, where does that leave us? After receiving offers from 6 different banks, the best we’ve been offered is 4.1% if we lock it in for 1 year. Yes, you read that right, 4.1%.

4.1% of 40,000,000 SEK = 1,640,000 SEK in interest per year.

We also have 2 more loans expiring next year:
2024-08-21 – 40 million kronor – 0.6% current interest rate
2024-09-01 – 30.4 million kronor – 3.65% current interest rate

This means that we could potentially incur an additional cost of over 3 million kronor in interest alone next year. This is why we are not rushing with ”Nya Flygaren” and are currently reviewing our finances to identify major expenses and explore ways to reduce them or postpone non-essential projects.

We also do not want to lock in the loans for too long at a high interest rate, as it is predicted that interest rates may decrease in 2025. We are closely monitoring the interest rate situation to find a good solution for our loans.

Daily Operations

Many things must continue to ensure that daily operations run smoothly and to maintain the appearance of our area. Therefore, it is a significant financial burden when residents in the area engage in graffiti, leave food for rats, damage gates, and litter. We are not talking about 10,000 SEK here; it is costs exceeding 100,000 SEK just for cleaning up after those who cause damage. We will discuss this further under the section ”Rules, Statutes & Requests.”

Costly Damage and Future Property Maintenance

Another major expense for the association is property damage, especially water damage, which seems to occur almost every other week. The association is responsible for investigation, demolition, and drying out. Then, residents bear the cost of damage to surface layers (flooring) and interior furnishings. Investigation, demolition, and drying out cost from 5,000 SEK and upwards, depending on the extent of the damage. If it is damage caused by a pipe leak in the wall or a burst pipe, it represents an additional significant cost for the association, as the association is responsible for pipes and plumbing.

Therefore, it is crucial that residents engage a certified plumbing company/plumber when installing a dishwasher, renovating the bathroom, etc. Anything related to water and plumbing, in simple terms.

We have also had issues with hot water. Both electrical panels and heat pumps have been malfunctioning, and unfortunately, there have been long delivery times for parts. Work on this is ongoing and should be resolved shortly.

There are also several major upcoming maintenance projects, especially for the high-rise buildings, and these are projects that 1. take a long time and 2. are incredibly costly. Think about 50 million kronor and more in expenses for one of these projects. It is not feasible to take out a loan to cover the entire cost, as the interest cost will not be pleasant for anyone.

Here, we are trying to determine if any of these expenses can be incorporated into ”Nya Flygaren,” or if we need to delay ”Nya Flygaren” to address these maintenance needs. More information will be provided when we have all the details and can present something to the association.

Everyone’s Contribution to the Association’s Finances

It’s important to consider that everyone in the association is affected by a poor financial situation. Unfortunately, fees may need to be raised to cover increased expenses, and we are currently doing everything we can to try to avoid this. Therefore, it’s essential for residents to take responsibility and also talk to their children about how their graffiti, littering, or destructive behavior can lead to fee increases if we cannot reduce costs. Of course, interest rates are one of the major factors in fee increases, but all expenses must be considered. Hence, we are reaching out to you in the association to review where you may have negatively impacted the association’s finances.


In addition, we are reviewing all our suppliers, their costs, and whether we can negotiate better agreements with others. More information on this will be provided under the section ”New Suppliers.”

We will keep you updated on the financial situation going forward.


New Parking Attendant

Since we have been dissatisfied with Aimo Park for a while, it’s time to look for a new parking attendant. We are currently in the process of meeting with new providers and will get back to you once we have made a selection. This will also mean that vehicles that have escaped fines due to Aimo’s inability to patrol the area should reconsider if they are really parked in the right place. All parking inside the barriers is prohibited as this is a zone for loading/unloading and for emergency services. This includes mopeds and motorcycles as well.

Repainting Parking Spaces

At the annual meeting, it was decided that the parking spaces should be repainted and widened to make it easier for residents to get in and out of their cars. We have contacted several suppliers to check price quotes, and it ranges from 30,000 to 100,000 SEK depending on color choice, pre/post-work cleaning, and other handling. The quotes will be compiled, and the selection of a supplier will be made soon, so we hope to have the repainting done in the autumn.

Important Things to Note Before Repainting!
All cars will need to be moved before each painting stage (we have planned for 3 stages). Each area will be marked with ”No Parking” signs and cones to prevent parking, and if a car is not moved, we will issue fines because parking is prohibited during that time. Owners of cars left in place will also be responsible for the additional cost of repainting if we need to return to that area. We will provide information to all parking owners well in advance so you can plan and move your car.

Right Car in the Right Place

We want to remind you that private parking spaces are only for cars whose owners are registered here or if you have permission from your employer to use your company car for private use. This should be certified by your employer when applying for a parking space. If you change your car, it’s important to notify FSS, who are currently responsible for our parking spaces.

If you have friends or family visiting who borrow your space, that’s okay, but it’s not intended as a permanent spot for people/cars not registered here.

It’s also prohibited to park trailers in both the guest and private parking areas. Only motor vehicles are allowed.

With a new parking attendant, we hope this problem will be resolved, as the solutions presented make it easy for parking attendants to check if the right car is in the right place or if the vehicle in question has a temporary digital parking permit.

Moped Parking Room

We are in the process of setting up a room for mopeds as we have seen them parked around the area despite not being allowed to park a vehicle inside the barriers. We will inform you when the room is ready and how to go about getting a spot.

Park Where You’re Allowed to Park

It is still not permitted to park your vehicle inside the barriers. We have seen mopeds, motorcycles, and cars parked anywhere within the area for several days; this is not allowed and will result in fines in the future when we have signed an agreement with a new parking attendant. The same applies to home care vehicles and cars parked right in front of the barriers, obstructing entry and exit. This too will be fined.

New suppliers

Due to the financial situation and some dissatisfaction with current suppliers, we are currently looking for new suppliers in various areas. This is partly to keep costs down but also to receive the service that has been promised or better.

Once new suppliers have been chosen, they will be presented to everyone in the association.

How do we choose a supplier?

We create a brief/requirements list of what we are looking for and reach out to different companies. Ideally, we aim to obtain at least 3 quotes to make a selection. However, if the suppliers do not meet the requirements/brief we have written, we will conduct a new procurement until we find equivalent companies before making a decision. It’s not always the cheapest option that wins; it’s more about what we get for our money, which makes it more cost-effective for us in the long run.

We are looking for new suppliers in areas such as property management, gardening, parking, insurance, banking, and more. Just because we have had a supplier for a long time doesn’t mean we can’t consider switching to someone else if it benefits us. We will get back to you once new suppliers have been selected.

Other in the area

Brush Clearance

We will be clearing away brush in the area, both at the back, around the parking areas, and near the houses. Right now, we are reviewing quotes and trying to determine what needs to be done in what order. There are also some dead trees around the area that need to be removed. We will get back to you when this work is scheduled and in which area.

New Lamp Posts

Currently, work is underway to install new lamp posts in the parking areas to brighten up the area. Therefore, FSS may contact you when your car needs to be moved or re-parked. Please keep an eye on your email inbox.

Gardens and Shrubs

There will be a larger effort to improve the greenery in our area. However, we cannot do everything at once due to costs and other projects that are ahead in the queue. Much of it will involve cleaning up what is old but also removing and planting new greenery. All to make it easy to maintain and inviting.

Therefore, it is important that you DO NOT plant your own vegetation on the association’s property. Shrubs, plantings, etc., will be removed, and if we see that you have planted something near your residence, you will be invoiced for the cost. You are only allowed to plant in pots/containers on your outdoor space (balcony or terrace), not in the association’s green areas. More about this under Rules, Regulations & Requests.

Translation to English

As we are aware that several people in the area do not have Swedish as their native language, we will translate information available in the common areas, our statutes/rules, and parts of the website. Work on this will continue during the autumn.

Rules, statutes & request

Now, onto the main point of this letter, and it’s written with a firm tone.

Unfortunately, there are far too many incidents in this area. Everything from littering, vandalism, illegal subletting, conducting business in private residences, and more. Here, we will go through what applies and how it will be handled in the future.

You have a responsibility

Those of you living in this area (both condominium owners and tenants) have an obligation to follow the statutes and rules that exist. You agreed to these statutes and rules from the day you moved in. This also applies to your children. Parents are always responsible for their children’s actions, whether you have witnessed what they did or not.

We, as the board, would rather spend our time, and the association’s money (!!!), on developing this area rather than ordering cleanups, picking up trash, and replacing yet another entry phone because someone’s child thought it was fun to smash it with a stone.

You also have a duty to report if you see something that is broken or not working. FSS (Föreningens Service Samfällighet) is always the first point of contact for questions about the property. This includes issues such as malfunctioning washing machines, broken lights in the entrance, ventilation, etc. Elevators are an exception, but there is contact information in each elevator. For other matters, it’s better to email the board if you want to report something; please do not post on Facebook as we do not monitor this channel.

Condominium owners also have a responsibility to take care of their apartments. You are responsible for paying and ordering work related to electrical issues, dishwasher installation, a broken door, etc. The association only has responsibility when it comes to major damages, such as a plumbing leak. Tenants have different circumstances.

Stricter in the future

Because a significant amount of money is being spent on cleaning up destruction, and several residents are being disturbed and terrorized by their neighbors, we, as the board, will be stricter in the future. We do not want to continue paying for repairs and cleaning year after year. It is a waste of the association’s funds, and several residents in the area do not feel well due to their neighbors.

Of course, this does not mean that we will evict people without due process who have misbehaved. There is a legal process to follow, and we will adhere to it meticulously. However, we will also be prepared to take the process further and not just issue multiple warnings that some people seem to disregard.

What is a warning?

A warning is a written letter from the board informing the resident that their behavior/actions are disruptive or illegal, and the resident now has an opportunity to correct it, in other words, to stop the behavior.

Do not think that you can accumulate a number of warnings before something happens. It can be sufficient to seriously misbehave once, and this provides grounds for eviction. Serious behaviors include threats to neighbors who have reported the disturbance, arson, severe destruction, etc.

An example:

A resident has called the disturbance service several times because a neighbor plays loud music late at night and does so frequently. The board receives information from the resident and the disturbance service that there is a resident misbehaving. The board can now send a warning to the disruptive neighbor, stating:

Your behavior is disturbing to your neighbors.
You now have the opportunity to improve your behavior.
If you do not, there may be serious consequences, as your behavior does not comply with the statutes and rules of the association.
Another example:

It is revealed that a resident has sublet their apartment without the board’s knowledge. A warning is issued to give the resident a chance to go through the subletting process correctly. If the resident does not do this within a certain time frame, the case will be escalated, and there is a risk of the resident losing their apartment.

To quote (Swedish Courts):
If you, as a condominium owner, seriously misbehave, your condominium right can be forfeited, meaning you lose your condominium right. A condominium right can be forfeited if you:

  • Do not pay the deposit, assignment fee, or annual fee.
  • Sublet the apartment without the association’s permission.
  • Disturb your neighbors.
  • Neglect your apartment.
  • Refuse the association access to the apartment.
  • Or otherwise violate what you have agreed with the condominium association or are required to do by law.

The various reasons that can lead to forfeiture are listed in Chapter 7, Section 18 of the Condominium Act.

With a simple Google search, you can find several lawyer websites and legal cases that explain what gives the association the right to evict someone and how the process works. And it all begins with sending a proper warning.

A Proper Warning

For us to be able to send a proper warning, we also need evidence, in the form of photos or reports from, for example, the police or the disturbance service. This is where you, the residents, need to be clear and show if your neighbors have misbehaved. Unfortunately, it becomes a case of ”who said/did what” if you cannot substantiate your case. The board will also regularly patrol the area, take photos, and make notes if a resident has committed an offense.

The warning will state what the resident has done wrong, how it violates the association’s statutes/rules, when it was discovered, and how much time the resident has to rectify it. Photos and evidence will be attached.

If the resident does not comply with the warning, we will escalate the process. Depending on the case, the process looks different, but the result we want to achieve is a pleasant living environment.

Rules & Statutes

If you are wondering what applies in the association, you can read our statutes and rules. The statutes can be found on the website, and the rules are posted on all bulletin boards in the entrances. We recommend that you go through these again.

Use of Space & Vegetation

One thing we have noticed in the area is that several residents do not seem to know what applies to outdoor spaces, balconies, and green areas. Here, we will go through what applies and what can also lead to a warning if you do not rectify it promptly.

Almost every household has a balcony or outdoor space. However, it does not mean that you have the right to do whatever you want with this space. You have a so-called ”right of use” for your balcony/outdoor space, which means you can use it, but there are still rules and guidelines to follow.

Some rules and guidelines:

  • You are not allowed to drill into the balcony floor to attach decking; it should be loose and removable.
  • You are not allowed to oil or paint your outdoor space. The cost to the association for restoring this will be billed to the resident.
  • All vegetation must be kept in pots/containers on your outdoor space/balcony. It is not allowed to hang flower boxes outside the railing or drill holders in walls or ceilings. The same applies to outdoor spaces.
  • It is also not allowed to plant on the association’s property. This means you do not have the right to plant shrubs, set up raised beds, or similar without permission. All planting that the association needs to remove will be billed to you as a resident.
  • Plants grown in pots/containers are not allowed to climb the facade.
  • It is not allowed to build a fence for dogs or tether your dog to a green area, even if it is adjacent to your outdoor space. All land belongs to the association, and you do not have the right to use it as a garden for your dog.
  • You do not have the right to build freely on or near your outdoor space. Decking and stones placed on the lawn near your outdoor space must be removed; otherwise, you will be billed for restoration.

Since the green areas around the low-rise buildings have been part of the Nya Flygaren project, we have seen that several residents have taken possession of these areas. But, as we mentioned on page 2, the right of use has not been established, which means that there is no written agreement between the association and the resident explaining what the resident has the right to do on the green area.

However, until it is determined, all green areas are part of the association’s property, not your own, so treat them as such. We will return to this issue.

If You Are Disturbed by Your Neighbor or Witness Illegal Activity

For Disturbances:

First, talk to your neighbor about how their behavior is disturbing. If that does not help, contact the disturbance service if it concerns noisy sounds, or contact the board for other matters. The more paper trails we have regarding what is disturbing and what it concerns, the easier it is to send a proper warning to the person.
Also, take photos/videos if needed for evidence. In cases of vandalism, it is good to have evidence for making a police report.

For Illegal Activity:

If you see someone doing something illegal, contact the police first if it is something serious; otherwise, contact the board for a minor offense. Many may not know that actions like littering and leaving dog waste are illegal and can result in fines. Here is a list of some of the many illegal activities, and some of them can provide grounds for eviction.

  • Subletting an apartment without the board’s knowledge.
  • Running a business from your residence. Working from home is okay if you are employed by a company, but not, for example, operating a hair salon or providing massages from your home.
  • Littering, both general litter and leaving dog waste.
  • Buying/selling and using drugs.
  • Destruction of the association’s property, such as graffiti, damaging entry phones, lights, etc.

There are many more examples, but you would spend the whole evening reading this letter if we listed them all.


Yes, this became a long information letter this time, but there was a lot that needed to be covered.

We understand that this letter has probably caused you some concern and stirred up emotions, both positive and negative, but emotions are better than not caring at all. We are all different, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t respect our neighbors or do our best to make this area function. Whether you have lived here for 25 years or 25 days.

We hope this letter has given you some insight into what is happening in the area and that there are many significant things in progress that the board is working on. It takes time, and we all have our own jobs and personal lives that need to fit into our daily routines as well.
Not everything we have listed in this letter will be resolved in a matter of weeks; it will take time as we aim to address significant issues, such as our finances, primarily.

We will also resume open house evenings. However, these will occur approximately every other/third month in the community room. We will provide the date for the first occasion.

As mentioned, we will be making these information letters digital in the future. Please contact the board if you still want a paper copy.

Until next time,
The Board